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Coast Break

We are a Collective of Creatives based in Victoria BC.
We are a Collective who is Passionate about Storytelling.
We are a Collective who want to Empower creatives around us.
We are the Coast Break Collective.


When we started our company, we each found we were in the similar place.
We were 3 creatives that wanted to do more than what we currently were, with no clue how.
After long discussions we decided it was time to join forces and decide on our core values.

Authentic ; to be our true selves in everything that we do.
Human; to encourage those around us, be ethical and sustainable in every aspect of our work.
Value; to always put sustainability, and ethical values, over everything. When working with clients and with others.

Our goal at the Coast Break Collective, is not to only become the greatest storytellers we possibly can, but to make sure we encourage and support other creatives who are struggling to keep their passion and creativity alive.
We not only want to build a Company,
We want to build a Community.

“The saddest journey is the one that follows a precise itinerary, Then you're not a traveler.
You're a tourist.”
Guillermo Del Toro
Mexican Film Maker
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